It has been 50 years since that first man took his small step.

For any innovator awed by such an apex achievement, this anniversary is surely the time to somehow show it.

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Ever considered commemorating your organisation's most significant moments as a graphic? Add memorable richness to your employees' take on your brand story by creating an engaging stamp that can be used on t-shirts, give-aways and as wall art.

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The Momentous Moments collection of time stamps is now available for purchase on a variety of media. It's about ingenuity. It denotes moments when clever, inventive and original thinking have significantly shaped our world. It is aimed at anyone who understands why history matters.

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Why graphics, why design?

It's not enough to stand out. Once you put it out there, you will want people to connect with your graphic message, not least the people you have in mind. A connection would mean feeling something before engaging with it. Feeling a sense of curiosity would be great, approval – better still, but even a bit of discord would be a connection.

If, on the other hand, your best response is no response, it means you're effectively invisible. That means that for all the wisdom and the value your story offers it may as well not exist, no matter how worthwhile it is.

It is the visual communication that makes the difference. It is what sets the right tone, adds identifying character and lends resonant charm to your story before it has even begun. The visual communication of a graphic message is the quickest and most irresistible bridge into the mind of your audience because it is what arouses the very feelings that anchor a connection. Magically, the feelings take root before anyone even knows they're there. No reading, no thinking, just feeling. A million years of evolutionary brilliance in action. 

Visual communication is the purposeful projection of meaning beyond words and graphic design is how it is done. 

Make the difference. Simply make the connection.

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